Poem for Wilder Research librarians

At Wilder Research, we promote evidence-based practices that support the foundation’s mission:

To promote the social welfare of persons resident or located in the greater Saint Paul metropolitan area by all appropriate means… without regard to, or discrimination on account of, nationality, sex, color, religious scruples or prejudices.

Our library contains journals, books, and other mission-relevant resources. It testifies to our commitment to best practices.

We have three awesome librarians, Heather, Amanda, and Kerry, who maintain the library and provide services, such as literature searches for clients. I used the Dewey Decimal Classification System to write this poem for them on staff appreciation day:

If I was a librarian,
I wouldn’t know whether
to classify you as 780 or 811.
When we need literature,
you deliver with 118.
You are our 234,
and without you,
our 003 would break down.
I’m not even being 817!

To which the librarians replied:

Dear Chris,
Thanks for your kind comments. We are happy to hear that you appreciate the 001 and 706 of the library. It has always been our 901 that we are here to help the 128 of Wilder Research in whatever way we can. However, we do note that the 119 of your visits to the library has been low lately. So come on in for some quality 302 when you have a chance.
The Librarians

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