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Multilevel Rasch: Estimation with R

My last post described how test development designs could be thought of as multistage sampling designs and how multilevel Rasch could be used to estimate parameters under that assumption. I decided to use to compare estimates from the usual Rasch … Continue reading

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Multilevel Rasch

After years of studying and applying quantitative social science research methods, it has become easier to catch glimpses of larger connections between seemingly independent methodological approaches. I have learned, for example, that survey development has a lot in common with … Continue reading

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Regression discontinuity gallery: R code for nonparametric estimation

Choosing a functional form for the relationship between the assignment and outcome variable from a regression discontinuity design is an important step in estimating the local average treatment effect. Plotting nonparametric smoothers can suggest a functional form, and nonparametric inference … Continue reading

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