Kettle River ski trip

Here are some pictures from a ski trip that Amy and I took to Banning State Park. It was our first trip to Banning. We stopped there on our way to the Wilco show in Duluth. We met several friendly people along the trails who agreed that Banning is underrated. The trails were well-maintained and covered a diverse mix of terrain and cultural artifacts along the Kettle River, including the historic Sandstone Quarry. The Kettle is one of the few whitewater rivers in Minnesota. I hope to paddle it someday, especially after seeing it up close. I’m an awful skier, but cross country skiing is a great way to enjoy the frozen lakes and rivers until they thaw. (If you can’t canoe it, you might as well ski it!) Amy, on the other hand, is a powerhouse skier who competed for her high school team.

IMG_0840.jpg IMG_0841.jpg
IMG_0813.jpg IMG_0798.jpg
IMG_0842.jpg IMG_0845.jpg

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