Spring break in Idaho

Amy and I visited her brother in Boise, Idaho, over spring break. It was great to see where Brad lives and to meet some of his friends and co-workers at Boise State University. It was also nice to be in the mountains–Minnesota is very flat! Boise reminded me of Boulder, Colorado, but with a more relaxed feel.

I spent some of my break finishing proposals for the American Evaluation Association conference and a survey instrument for the North Star STEM Alliance. Nevertheless, we experienced a lot in just a few days:

I highly recommend a visit to Idaho, if you’ve never been.

Bogus Basin and dining out
IMG_9675.jpg IMG_9800.jpg

Pine Flats hot springs
IMG_9771.jpg IMG_9731.jpg

Harrier falcon and turkey vulture
IMG_9699.jpg IMG_9708.jpg

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